Welcome to NY MAN.  NY MAN is the Men’s Action Network.   

What is NY Man?  

NY Man is the grass roots lobbying web site for for individuals interested in Father Rights and Mens Rights issues in New York State.  It is moderated by Mr. James Hays. 

It contains views, writings, memo's and position papers of Mr. James Hays based on organizations such as FaFNY.org, ACFC.org, SAVEservices.org and NCFM.org based upon the educational and advocacy positions of these numerous FRA/MRA and gender equality organizations.

If you are looking for lobbying information or historical information on parental civil rights and government interference in the family as it relates to New York State and nationally you are in the right place. 

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Go to the https://www.facebook.com/groups/Fathers4Kids/ and sign up.  Indicate yur desire to work on legislation in concert with the Legislative Committee or just join in the discussion.

Brief History of NY MAN:

NY Man was the name of the first Political Action Committee founded in NY (NY MAN) which was advocating for fathers.  NY Man was a registered political action committee formed by Jim Hays and Paul McCauley funded by a contribution by Wiley Dobbs.  At that time the main organization operating on behalf of fathers was the "Fathers Rights Association New York State - FRANYS", a bureaucratically inept organization of small minds and people of little action.  Mr. McCauley was the President of the Capital District Chapter and I was a board member of FRANYS and we were looking to go separate from FRA.  (NOTE-beware of anyone operating under this banner).  

Subsequently FRA was replaced by FaFNY - the Coalition of Fathers and Families NY, Inc. (www.FaFNY.org).  When FaFNY formed it had an 501c3 “H” designation which allowed limited lobbying.  We ran the Legislative Education and Awareness Day in the capital in Albany every year, me as chair.  The political action committee filings were onerous and overbearing and as such that group, NY Man,was closed.

Apparently we were beginning to have an effect for I was dragged in front of the lobbying commission of the time (since replaced by jcope) and grilled over for our lobbying.  The threshold for filing as a lobbyist was $2000 (now at $5000) and the commission didn’t believe that I had put together a lobbying event in Albany for under that amount.   FaFNY continued as the main lobbying and political action group in New York State, strategically staying below the filing thresholds so as to avoid government oversight.

FaFNY continued our activities which peaked with our “thumbs up” campaign where we enlisted the aid of ACFC.org and Glenn Sacks to attempt to get shared parenting passed in New York State.  We were successful in getting the bills sponsors to allow the minority party on the bills as sponsors (an act that was almost unheard of) and we were told that we had obtained more sponsors on that legislation than any other piece of legislation in the history of the NYS Legislature (unconfirmed, it would be nice to know though?).

Even with this massive push the opponents of shared parenting, NOW NY, the League of Women Voters, and the NYS Bar Association,  were able to use parliamentary maneuvers to hold this bill in committee in both the Democratic controlled Assembly and the Republican controlled Senate.

FaFNY was able to use our lobbying to stop much anti family legislation (such as no fault divorce) and we were known as the spokespersons for the 2.5 million non custodial parents in New York State.  We DID make a difference.

I spent 10 years, 1995 to 2005, dealing with issues such as shared parenting, (anti-family) Court abuses, domestic violence and child abuse, child support and equal gender rights all from a constitutional perspective and of course, the history of what was, is and will be in NY parental rights politics.  I ran the lobbying efforts, ran the organization, presented testimony, wrote memos in support of and opposed to legislation. 

After the failure to pass shared parenting both FaFNY, and myself, became tired.  Many of the founders and advocates with FaFNY were now entering their later years and had been at this for years.  Most had aged out of the system, children reaching majority, and so we had no vested interest and after year of working for others we took a break.  I myself, married and took up residence at a small farm looking to my retirement years.

In my “retirement” no fault divorce passed in New York State.  As the saying goes, life is what happens to you while you are busy making plans!  So it was with me for my wife decided to call it quits and I once again have been dragged in to the NYS Court System.  Now I thought a couple of old 2 income people who married would simply split the assets of the marriage when it was over and move on but I was soon to learn that the system has actually gotten worse.  Life happened to my plans, and it wasn’t pretty.  So I’m back in the “game”.

NY Man is BACK!  NY Man is not a formal organization which requires any registration by the government at any level (see my Libertarian Father page about my views on fathers).  It is an informational web page which will be available for use by the public for the purposes of grass roots lobbying.  Feel free to look inside and get started.


Jim Hays,

e-mail: jh@nymensactionnetwork.org

Be a NY Man - Get up, get active, get involved.  

NY Man and all of its content is copywrited to Mr. James H. Hays.  The use of any material without the written permission of Mr. Hays is not authorized.